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The adult prom gives people the opportunity to dress in formal attire

to enjoy an evening of dancing, dining and socializing.   

2018 Adult Prom

This no-cost event was initially created for adults only, but staying true the Unity belief that we are all one, this event has morphed into a generational celebration allowing mothers and daughters, grandparents and grand's, siblings and in-laws to recreate a moment in time. It appeals especially to people who never got the opportunity to go to their prom in school. 


The prom King and Queen chosen by a committee whose criteria was based on the couple who shined as "sparkling lights" throughout the night as they danced, mingled with others and their overall enjoyment of the event.


This was a night to remember for all who attended. Those who went to their high school prom are able to recapture memories of the past, and those who didn't get a chance to go to prom had chance to make new memories. The Adult Prom was funded by the Free Community Events Grants Fund and the Polk County Community Foundation.     

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